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Hi all,

So the end of British Summer time has finally hit us all with vengeance and at 5.00pm tonight it was almost dark which is awful.

As you may already know I have had numerous trips to eye clinics due to suffering with Diabetes Retinopathy for the past 7 years which is really awful and was a real scary shock when I was first told, it was Vision Express that actually discovered the problem and instantly booked me into my Diabetes eye clinic. The problem really started after I had small blood vessels at the back of my eyes burst which affected my vision and made it very cloudy in both eyes. The treatment started with laser to burn around the blood vessels which prevents any new weak blood vessels from forming which then burst. Laser itself is very uncomfortable indeed and I have had approx 10,000 burns in each eye which I am told is the limit but this does seem to have stopped the bleeding which is great news and I am so thankful to the Eye Specialists. After all the laser it still left my vision cloudy so meant I had to have what’s called a Vitrectomy in each eye which basically entails having the clear jelly in your eye removed (Your eye replaces this fluid), I can honestly say this operation is not nice at all and means you have dissolvable stitches in your eyeball (Gross I know). Having said all that If this had not been done I would certainly not be typing this Blog even though one eye has very poor vision and both eyes have awful night vision.

So to the present day – my eyes seem to be stable at the moment and my latest eyesight test did not show any problems, even my prescription had not changed apart from my short sight vision which has got slightly worse. My next Diabetes eye check up is at the Western Eye Hospital in a few weeks time so fingers crossed I get the all clear but I am a little worried.

One of the worst things I am left with is very poor small detail reading in both eyes meaning typing Blogs like this I have to have the page zoomed in to make the words larger, damage to my central vision in my right eye meaning details in my right eye is near on impossible to read, also my night vision is really bad and means I am unable to drive in poor light so this time of year is even worse as it is dark late afternoon. It means I have to carry a very bright torch with me that literally lights the whole path/road that cost me a fortune and even then it is really hard to see if I am on my own walking home from work, without a super bright torch I would literally be stuck and please let me know of any pocket torch companies who make super bright torches. We just take our vision for granted and I am also guilty of this in the past.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment.

Andrew Borrett


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Animas pumpers complete Channel Swim Relay.

The purpose of the Animas Channel Swim Relay challenge was firstly to
raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), but equally to
celebrate people with Type 1 diabetes performing at their best. The team was
made up of three swimmers with Type 1 diabetes, using Animas® Vibe™
insulin pumps; Mark Blewitt, Matt Cox, and Claire Duncan. They were supported by
two, experienced channel swimmers, Pawel and Boris, as well as 17-year-old
Lorcan who will be attempting his first solo crossing this

At 1:45 am on Thursday, July 21, 2011, the first swimmer lowered
himself into the cold water at Dover Harbour on England’s southeast coast. The
Animas Channel Swim Relay was underway. After months of training and
preparation, Mark, Claire, and Matt were about to take on one the biggest
challenges of their lives. The 21-mile swim across the English Channel is one of
the most famous and arduous swims on the planet and those of us offering our
support from the dockside were relieved it was them rather than us, especially
as the news had been reporting an unusually high number of jelly fish in the
English Channel.

Just a few days earlier, we had been wondering whether the swim would
ever happen. Our original swim date had been postponed a couple of times due to
bad weather, and with a number of other groups waiting for their chance to swim,
we worried that we may have had to wait a few weeks before we got another
chance. Then, on Monday, July 18th, with just three days notice, we got the call
to say it was “all systems go.”

On Wednesday evening, the swimmers, plus a large support crew of
friends, family, and Animas representatives, congregated at a hotel in Dover.
There was excitement among the swimmers, but also naturally some trepidation at
the challenge that lay ahead. The pilot of the support boat, which accompanies
all Channel Swims, gave the team their final briefing and then it was time to

Each swimmer was scheduled to be in the water for hour-long spells.

The first into the water was Mark, and as the rest of the team
boarded the support boat with photographer in tow, he took his first strokes
towards the coast of France.

Once the swimmers were out of sight, it was our job–those left on
dry land–to keep everyone back home up to date with the team’s progress.

By using a live GPS tracking link and regular calls and texts to the
support boat, we were able to provide a running commentary of their journey via
a dedicated Facebook page. The regular updates made for great reading and the
team’s terrific swimming meant they were making great

At 3:04 pm, the final strokes were made. The team reached the French
shoreline at Cap Gris Nez, a small outcrop of land between Calais and Boulogne.
The swimmers endured 13 hours and 26 minutes in water temperatures as low 15
Celsius /59 Fahrenheit and had run the gauntlet of seaweed and jellyfish. As
soon as we got word, we relayed our congratulations back to the boat team and
uploaded the great news via the Facebook page.

The swimmers’ return journey by boat was naturally much quicker than
the outbound leg, taking just four hours, and when they reached Dover we were
there to welcome them and begin the celebrations.

Our swimmers can be proud to have raised over 4,000 GBP for a great
cause and they most certainly demonstrated that having diabetes shouldn’t stop
anyone from taking on a challenge of a lifetime. I think swimmer Matt Cox put it
best when he said, “My son was diagnosed with diabetes and I’m hoping this
challenge will help Jack and other people with diabetes strive to achieve
exactly what they want in life.”

Huge congratulations to everyone involved and don’t forget, you can
still donate to the cause by visiting www.justgiving.com/animas-swimmers


Animas UK/Ireland Team

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Let there be (En)Lite – Medtronic launches Enlite sensors in UK today

18 April, 2011 in Kit & equipment by Neville the Newshound – Shoot Up Or Put Up.

The day has finally come. Ring the bells, dance in the streets and drink til dawn to celebrate the arrival of some new diabetes tech. Medtronic’s new and improved CGM sensor – Enlite – has ticked all the legislative boxes and is being launched today in the UK.

According to the marketing propaganda “The Enlite Sensor combines greater comfort with improved glucose sensor performance in both overall accuracy and hypo detection”. Plus the sensor is thinner, shorter, approved for use for 6 days and comes with a new and improved insertion device, which looks less like a harpoon gun than the old one. And the really big news – it no longer has the 3ft long insertion needle that scared all but the most hardened needle poker.

Ye olde CGM sensor with monster insertion needle and harpoon gun (sorry, inserter)
The much smaller Enlite sensor (attached to the Minilink transmitter)
The new and less scary Enlite sensor inserter

Rather than struggling to get the correct angle of insertion which could be a bit of an issue with the old sensors, the new ones are inserted vertically, like a Quickset, so that should be one less thing to worry about. Also, the insertion needle, as well as being shorter and thinner has been polished, so it’s smoother too. Of course, when it comes down to it, you’re still shoving a bit of metal into your tender flesh so it’s never going to be a pleasure, but the stats say that 85% of testers found the insertion to be pain free. Even with a huge pinch of salt, it certainly seems to be a great improvement.

This dog knows that money is always a big issue when it comes to CGM. The new sensors are of course more expensive than the old ones (come on, did you seriously expect anything different?) but are cleverly priced to still be cheaper than the equivalent CGM sensors from Dexcom and Abbott. Wow, it’s like there’s a marketing strategy behind this stuff!

When Tim and Alison had a play with the new sensor recently, it certainly looked simpler and more comfortable to insert. And the improved accuracy claims are impressive. The proof of the pudding is of course in the metaphorical eating – do said sensors accurately detect the post pudding spike?  This dog is writing this piece because he knows that Alison is busy on the phone to the Medtronic order desk this morning to get her grubby hands on some of the new sensors and rumour has it that Tim might also be giving them a try soon…so watch this space.

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Wow what a long week last week was and we are still awaiting the arrival of our baby daughter who was due last Monday 24th January but still not here. Next week is when my wife has to go into Hospital to be Induced on Wednesday morning so we are a little nervous now. My son Jake is 17 months old and is now getting into everything (Little monkey) but i am sure his sister will sort him out when she arrives ha ha.

I find it really tiring cycling home after a long day at work and I know it’s only 4 miles but when you have been busy all day that’s all you need. The reason I cycle is that I have Retinopathy and have had lots of laser which affected my night vision, this means I am unable to see to drive at night. Fortunately I have a super bright Exposure MaXx-D Mk2 front light which is amazing. The fact that the light is directly in front of me helps me so much and of course I am not cycling fast, I am looking forward to the summer when I can use my little Scooter. I have also been trying to save to buy an electric cycle which look great and would mean I would not burn so many carbs as my BG is always low after getting home from work, they are however expensive.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment or just say hi 


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Good morning all.

I am looking for some advice and help please as I am not sure what is available.

I occasionally like all people with Diabetes have low BG and just recently I have been cycling home from work which is 4 miles. This of course burns up lots of Carbohydrates and in turn makes my BG low when I arrive home e.g. 4.0. I do try to have something like a banana before leaving work but this does not seem to be enough, I am looking for something quick and small to eat ?

I am also looking to find out what you eat or drink when you have a low BG as I tend to panic eat and eat sweets. Is there something more suitable that would easily fit in my pocket and work fast ?

Thanks for your time.

Andrew Borrett
My Pump.
My Pump Blog.

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Whats going on ?


I am sorry it has been a while since my last Blog.

All is well and I am still on the #Animas 2020 #Insulin Pump which is going great and I also use the #Bayer Contour USB Blood Glucose Meter which again is working well. I am also looking at testing a new meter which I will tell you all about as soon as I can.

So what has been going on with me – my baby son Jake is now 17 months old and growing every day, he took his first steps on Christmas Day and is now walking about everywhere as you can imagine, fingers touching everything – GREAT !! My wife is due to give birth to our baby daughter on 24th January so we will certainly be even more busy very soon but I am sure it is all worth it. We now have a #Icandy Pear #Stroller which is superb and can be used as a single or double stroller which will certainly come in handy, it was not cheap but I suppose you get what you pay for.

I am still cycling to work each day which is only 4 miles but certainly does affect my #BG when I get home at night so any ideas would be much appreciated as I have tried having a banana before I leave but still have very low #BG once home. I have heard some cereal bars are quite good but it would need to be something easy to eat which can pop in my bag. I am hoping to get an #electric bike soon which will certainly help a lot but there are so many to choose from and they are not cheap so we shall see. I have also found a great #gadget for my iPhone 4 and cycle which enables you to add the iPhone to your bike and it is totally waterproof so I use a cycle app to measure my exercise so check out Think Biologic iPhone 4 Mount

Anyway that’s it from me and please keep checking out my site.

Kindest regards

Andrew Borrett www.mypump.co.uk

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