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Hi all,

I thought it was about time to write a little blog about what’s been going on.

We had a great family holiday to Bulgaria this year with our three children who are growing fast as aged 8, 6 and 4 so keep us very busy lol. travelling abroad was great fun especially for the children and I had no issues whatsoever with my Diabetes whilst travelling – what I mean is airports were all fine with me wearing my pump and carrying an array of Diabetes products. I did take a letter from my DSN explaining what I was carrying but didn’t need to show it at all. We went to Bulgaria towards the end of August which meant it was still very hot so I tried my best to keep my BG levels under control especially with the children keeping us very active. I took a Frio Cool Bag which worked perfectly fine in the room as we didn’t have a fridge. The only slight problem I had was with the Abbott Libre Sensor and my Insulin Pump Cannula as because it was very hot and being in and out the sea or pool it meant they had a tendency to peel off which was very annoying especially for the Abbott Libre Sensor. All in all it was a great holiday enjoyed by us all 🙂

Having a young family and working full time does really affect my BG levels especially when I get home from work as the children seem to be very excited and I get a little bit stressed out to say the least – it means my BG levels drop rapidly so I need to find away to either chill out or keep my sugar level stable ?

I had a Diabetes Check Up a couple of months and I know my Hba1c was 7.4 as I seem to have lost track a little bit so need to sort myself out with the help of my DSN as seem to be running in double figures more often than not which is a real worry. I do find that during the week my blood sugar levels are fairly good apart from afternoons where I was about 7.0 before lunch then similar or slightly higher late afternoon. The problem I have and mentioned above is by the time I get home my blood sugars drop massively which could be down to the stress of three young children which can be quite stressful as soon as you get in, last night before leaving work (5.30pm) my BG reading was 8.5 but at 6.45pm it had dropped to 3.5 and took a while to get back up – I did panic and went mad so of course my levels then were up to 20.0 L. So I thought I would try some dried fruit before leaving work as I quite like it and it’s easy to keep in my drawer at work in a small tub – thinking dried mango, apricots mmmmmm.

Just thought I would share some great Diabetes Products with you and please let me know if you have seen anything new that I can add or may have missed :

Eversense – wow this certainly looks the part and such an exciting product that will hopefully be available to us soon, I do not not too much about the Eversense CGM so would really appreciate some comments on this if anyone knows when it may be available in the UK or Prices ?


My Insulin Pump Minimed 640g – working great and was so easy to get used to, it would be great though if the software for results could be synced to a Smartphone & Tablet App especially with all the technology we now have at our finger tips ? I am also hoping this same App technology could be integrated in to the Bayer Contour Next Link Meter which already works in harmony with the Minimed 640g Pump as so much faster and easier to look on a Smartphone or Tablet ?

Eye checks – currently I have been going to Specsavers which really do give a great service and a very in-depth eye test so if you were looking for a new Optician I would highly recommend, this seems to work well in conjunction with my Diabetes Check Up’s at the eye clinic.

Abbott Libre – I have tried this a few times now and the thought behind the device is amazing especially now the system works with a Smartphone App meaning you don’t need to carry a separate BG Meter. However for my results they do still seem to be quite a way off the typical finger test and when you are on a pump accuracy is key. I am as we speak giving it another go and I can certainly see this is the way forward and will become more accurate as the technology improves.

 Wavesense Jazz Wireless – Certainly a meter which is on my To try list so if you are using this meter please do share your thoughts as I would be really interested to know what you think ?


I am lucky that I get a chance to use these amazing products which are getting better by the year as the technology improves, here are a couple more of my favourites :

Roche Accu-Chek Mobile –

 AccuChek Mobile

Ascensia Contour Next Link 2.4  –

 Ascensia Contour

Glucomen Areo –

GlucoMen Aero

A1CNOW – this is something I have been waiting for a long time as certainly something that can give you a good indication on how well your longer term blood sugar levels are running at. Like most of us when I go to the Diabetes Clinic for my check-up I am always very anxious to know what my latest Hba1c result is but now there is a simple way to do this at home, introducing the A1CNOW Self Check from PTS Diagnostics. I ordered one of these to try and it was very easy to use as almost the same as testing you BG level. I followed the simple step by step instructions just to see what it thought my hba1c would be and surprisingly the result was pretty much spot on to what my hospital had told me. Only downside is the cost as you cant get this on the NHS but may be worth purchasing if you have big concerns with your hba1c levels.





What’s coming next – I do try to search for new products coming soon but can certainly miss them so I would be really grateful if you could please keep me posted on anything I may have missed that can benefit us all ?

Thanks so much for reading and please help me by commenting and sharing this post.



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I left home at 7.00am this morning to get the train to London Paddington as today is my yearly eye hospital check up at the Western Eye Hospital nr Paddington. The train is absolutely crammed and I have someone sat next to me that really does need a bath (sorry had to be said). The train journey is fairly quick so I should arrive by 8.30am as the train goes direct.


My so called appointment is 9.10am but I could almost guarantee they will be running late.

Firstly I see a nurse who asks about my general health then checks my vision as would an optician. Next I have drops in the eye to dilate the pupil for the photographer to take a picture of the back of my eyes. Finally I see the Consultant who has a look at the pictures and my eyes to determine if they are ok or not – panic !!

Hopefully everything is ok as I have already had two Vitrectomy operations and 10,000 laser burns in each eye to treat Pre Proliferative Retinopathy . So I have basically had all the treatment possible but my eyes have been stable now for probably 5+ years apart from the operation side affects.

I will of course let you know how I get on and would really appreciate your experiences regarding eye problems.

Bye for now.

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Hi all,

So the end of British Summer time has finally hit us all with vengeance and at 5.00pm tonight it was almost dark which is awful.

As you may already know I have had numerous trips to eye clinics due to suffering with Diabetes Retinopathy for the past 7 years which is really awful and was a real scary shock when I was first told, it was Vision Express that actually discovered the problem and instantly booked me into my Diabetes eye clinic. The problem really started after I had small blood vessels at the back of my eyes burst which affected my vision and made it very cloudy in both eyes. The treatment started with laser to burn around the blood vessels which prevents any new weak blood vessels from forming which then burst. Laser itself is very uncomfortable indeed and I have had approx 10,000 burns in each eye which I am told is the limit but this does seem to have stopped the bleeding which is great news and I am so thankful to the Eye Specialists. After all the laser it still left my vision cloudy so meant I had to have what’s called a Vitrectomy in each eye which basically entails having the clear jelly in your eye removed (Your eye replaces this fluid), I can honestly say this operation is not nice at all and means you have dissolvable stitches in your eyeball (Gross I know). Having said all that If this had not been done I would certainly not be typing this Blog even though one eye has very poor vision and both eyes have awful night vision.

So to the present day – my eyes seem to be stable at the moment and my latest eyesight test did not show any problems, even my prescription had not changed apart from my short sight vision which has got slightly worse. My next Diabetes eye check up is at the Western Eye Hospital in a few weeks time so fingers crossed I get the all clear but I am a little worried.

One of the worst things I am left with is very poor small detail reading in both eyes meaning typing Blogs like this I have to have the page zoomed in to make the words larger, damage to my central vision in my right eye meaning details in my right eye is near on impossible to read, also my night vision is really bad and means I am unable to drive in poor light so this time of year is even worse as it is dark late afternoon. It means I have to carry a very bright torch with me that literally lights the whole path/road that cost me a fortune and even then it is really hard to see if I am on my own walking home from work, without a super bright torch I would literally be stuck and please let me know of any pocket torch companies who make super bright torches. We just take our vision for granted and I am also guilty of this in the past.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment.

Andrew Borrett

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