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Good morning all,

I hope we are all enjoying the summer lol, UK seems a little bit up and down as always J

Has anyone seen the New SugarBEAT CGM which looks like a rival to the Abbott Freestyle Libre System and my initial thoughts are what another amazing looking device for us ? I have tried the Abbott Fresstyle Libre system which is very clever but for me it didn’t give accurate enough results and I found myself having far more lows & highs but in fairness this could just have been me. The cost of the Libre Sensors is a little bit frustrating as they are about £50 each and last 14 days so cost is quite high compared to finger sticks which are available on prescription, they also give more accurate results.

I am hoping to be able to try the SugarBEAT once it is released in the UK to give it a proper try and then can see just how good it is compared to the Abbott Freestyle Libre – watch this space.


SugarBEAT                   Abbott Libre 1

There was also a New BG Meter System which I had spotted called the OneDrop Meter and the App is already available which you may or may not have used, it is certainly a smart looking device and the App seems very informative. Diabetes products are becoming so much more popular now to help us manage Diabetes – it is exciting times to see what is around the corner ?

OneDrop Meter

If you do know of any New Diabetes Products that I may not have seen then please do let us know and I will do my best to share with everyone ?

One last thing to mention, given all the coverage on Theresa May I had not realised that Theresa May has Type 1 Diabetes which for us in the UK can only be a good thing and it will be great to hear how Theresa manages her Diabetes given what a manic schedule she must have. Reading on the web it looks as though Theresa only developed Type 1 Diabetes in 2013 which is not very common at all as it usually develops when you are younger (No offence J).

Thanks for reading and I hope to be starting on my lovely New Medtronic Minimed 640G Insulin Pump in a few weeks so will keep you posted.




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Let there be (En)Lite – Medtronic launches Enlite sensors in UK today

18 April, 2011 in Kit & equipment by Neville the Newshound – Shoot Up Or Put Up.

The day has finally come. Ring the bells, dance in the streets and drink til dawn to celebrate the arrival of some new diabetes tech. Medtronic’s new and improved CGM sensor – Enlite – has ticked all the legislative boxes and is being launched today in the UK.

According to the marketing propaganda “The Enlite Sensor combines greater comfort with improved glucose sensor performance in both overall accuracy and hypo detection”. Plus the sensor is thinner, shorter, approved for use for 6 days and comes with a new and improved insertion device, which looks less like a harpoon gun than the old one. And the really big news – it no longer has the 3ft long insertion needle that scared all but the most hardened needle poker.

Ye olde CGM sensor with monster insertion needle and harpoon gun (sorry, inserter)
The much smaller Enlite sensor (attached to the Minilink transmitter)
The new and less scary Enlite sensor inserter

Rather than struggling to get the correct angle of insertion which could be a bit of an issue with the old sensors, the new ones are inserted vertically, like a Quickset, so that should be one less thing to worry about. Also, the insertion needle, as well as being shorter and thinner has been polished, so it’s smoother too. Of course, when it comes down to it, you’re still shoving a bit of metal into your tender flesh so it’s never going to be a pleasure, but the stats say that 85% of testers found the insertion to be pain free. Even with a huge pinch of salt, it certainly seems to be a great improvement.

This dog knows that money is always a big issue when it comes to CGM. The new sensors are of course more expensive than the old ones (come on, did you seriously expect anything different?) but are cleverly priced to still be cheaper than the equivalent CGM sensors from Dexcom and Abbott. Wow, it’s like there’s a marketing strategy behind this stuff!

When Tim and Alison had a play with the new sensor recently, it certainly looked simpler and more comfortable to insert. And the improved accuracy claims are impressive. The proof of the pudding is of course in the metaphorical eating – do said sensors accurately detect the post pudding spike?  This dog is writing this piece because he knows that Alison is busy on the phone to the Medtronic order desk this morning to get her grubby hands on some of the new sensors and rumour has it that Tim might also be giving them a try soon…so watch this space.

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Hi all,

Welcome to my latest Blog about my superb trip to Medtronic in Switzerland on Friday 18th March 2011 for the 2nd Annual Medtronic European Internet Forum of which I feel privileged to be asked back for a second time, so having Diabetes can have some plus points.

About Medtronic.

My day started on Friday lunchtime at Heathrow Airport Terminal 1 where I was met by Justin from Medtronic, Anna from Insulin Independent and Lesley from Input so a great start to the weekend. Our flight left Heathrow on time which was 2.20pm and we arrived in Switzerland Geneva Airport at 5.00pm where we then jumped on the wonderful double decker train to Lausanne where we were staying at a lovely hotel. We had time to have a quick was and change before meeting the other guys on the event including Yoan – Medtronic, Mike – Diabetes In Spain, Tim & Allison – Shoot Up Or Put Up, Adrienne – Children With Diabetes, Richard & Jan – Diabetes Zentrale and I am sorry if I have missed anyone. We were also very lucky to meet the (Vice President Diabetes International) of Medtronic Julie Foster and she was a real pleasure to meet, Julie made a great speech to us Insulin Pumpers which put us all at ease. So next we had a walk to a gorgeous restaurant in Lausanne for a good chat and some lovely food (Yes we did have a few glasses of wine which went down lovely), it was really nice to meet so many great people. The evening ended up being quite a late night at the restaurant as the time just flew with all the chatting (Yes and wine).

The Main Event on Saturday (Hopefully you are still awake and I have not bored you too much)..

Medtronic Bloggers

The Medtronic Bloggers 2011 – if you are wondering where Mike from Diabetes In Spain is, apparently he likes hiding in bushes !!

The morning started at Medtronic’s very sexy offices in Tolochenaz and a quick round the table introduction especially for the new Bloggers who had not been to the event before and an introduction by Yoan to the days activities (plus a lovely cup of coffee).

We were introduced to Julien Vandewalle who is one of the Product Managers at Medtronic who gave us all an insight into new Continuous Glucose Meter Technology and particularly a brand new smaller CGM sensor they are working on which should be available very soon – watch this space. The guys also confirmed that the Insulin Pump Blogger team would be given the opportunity to trial the new sensor – how exciting for us.

Next was Hannah Gough who explained about what clinical evidence is required and what will come up next for Medtronic.  Hannah also explained the complex procedure for reimbursement of insulin pumps and CGM in Europe , I really didn’t realise just how complicated it was and to be honest I did lose track a few times.


Lunchtime – thanks guys you really did yourselves proud as we had a scrumptious Sushi lunch which was very nice indeed and washed down with a couple of cups of coffee and a bit of an informal chat with the Medtronic team.

We were then introduced to Aurélie Duplais who is a web site expert and gave us some really useful information on how best to layout our web sites and the best way to attract more traffic, not forgetting how to make our Blogs more interesting of which I hope you all like my Blog ? I can honestly say I picked up some great tips and found the talk very interesting indeed.

Mark & Diego from GTO Europe then joined in the discussions who both have extensive experience in Healthcare Communications , the room was split into two and we had Diego on our team. We were basically suggesting ideas in which we could make Diabetes information more accessible with ideas for Diabetes Apps etc (Top secret at this stage). As you can imagine we all had plenty of ideas and lots to say for ourselves – I know what’s new !!

Next was a chat about how Diabetes bloggers and Medtronic can design and build better Diabetes products to improve all our lives and also just how important it is to raise awareness of Diabetes.

Finally a massive thank you to Yoan, Justin and the team for making the weekend so great and really opening our eyes to the world of Diabetes products and technology, I hope you guys realise just how much we appreciate the opportunity to sit down with you guys – thanks again. >

A big thank you to all my fellow Insulin Pumpers as it was really great to meet you all – Mike, Tim, Alison, Jan, Richard, Adrienne & Jessica (plus Adrienne Mum & Aunt), Anna and Lesley.









Medtronic Bloggers 2

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This is a great Blog from my good friend Anna at Insulin Independent !!

Medtronic 2nd Annual Bloggers forum: Telepathic Bolusing and the Dia-RA
In my last post I told you that I had been lucky enough to be invited to the second annual bloggers forum created and facilitated by Medtronic, the makers of my pump. I was first invited to the event in a series of email exchanges between myself and one of the Medtronic team several months ago. Excited even at the prospect of meeting other bloggers, I jumped at the chance. I mean tea and biscuits at the Medtronic office in Watford – who would say ‘no’ to that?!? Well it turned out my highly anticipated tea and biscuits afternoon in Watford was in fact a weekend conference in Geneva,Switzerland, much to my surprise (and delight).

I wasn’t really sure what would be in store for us or even who was going to be there, but I knew the idea was to get a group of bloggers together with some key players at Medtronic to discuss products and services, patient empowerment and of course to meet other people who like to talk so much that eventually we had to start a blog, simply so we could find another outlet for our over-active communication gene.

The weekend started on Friday with a rather well-placed hypo at the airport thanks to – I imagine – being slightly too excited about the weekend and forgetting to eat lunch. At the airport I was met by the Medtonic Product Manager for Europe, who was already deep in conversation with none other than the likes of Lesley from Input and Andrew from My Pump. It began to dawn on me that I was going to be spending my weekend with some pretty heavy-weight bloggers, after having already found out that Tim and Alison of Shoot Up or Put up and Mike of Diabetes in Spain would be going. At this point I was fairly confident that my invite was more likely to be as a result of an admin error than anything to do with how far-reaching my blog was. I mean, I can safely assume from the stats on my blog that I have at least 11 followers (who I love dearly) but in terms of reaching the far corners of the globe, I am reasonably confident that Insulin Independent isn’t quite at the dizzy heights of Blogosphere fame just yet.

But nevertheless, I found myself on a flight to Switzerland, sandwiched between two smartly dressed businessmen who didn’t seem nearly as excited as I was. Perhaps their plans didn’t quite measure up to mine. Not many would have, I expect.

Meeting everyone for the first time was both exciting and a little daunting. I can’t deny that I felt a little dwarfed by the calibre of bloggers (Adrienne and Jan and Richard to mention a few) and representatives of significant patient advocacy services who were there. But it quickly became clear that we all shared a great deal of motivation, like-mindedness, passion for diabetes advocacy and a belief in equal access to high quality diabetes treatment options for all of us living life with a duff pancreas. On top of this my nerves were calmed by the instant openness and friendly attitude of everyone in the room.

Surprisingly for me, despite being called “The 2nd annual Medtronic Bloggers Forum”, there were very few people there who used a Medtronic pump and as far as I could tell only about 50% of the people there were in fact bloggers at all. But it was clear that for Medtronic, this wasn’t about selling their product. This weekend was about finding out what the people behind the funding cheque were all about and how we could be used (in a good way) to improve services and expectations of their Company. Although I have no doubt that the 10 subsequent blog posts about how great a weekend it was and what a top-notch company they may have featured on the radar in their decision making process …. 🙂

The topic of discussion for the weekend was Left Brain,Right Brain: an idea which Tim of Shoot Up or Put Up fame (which I understand is the blog to watch out for on the world domination front, as Tim assures me) had suggested some time ago, all about how we spend very little time looking at the emotional side of living with a chronic illness. Far out for a company whose employees pay for their holidays by only worrying about the physical, don’t ya think? Perhaps it was this refreshing attitude which helped make the weekend such a success.

It is difficult to say which part of the weekend I preferred the most, seeing as anything to do with diabetes tends to appeal to me. And the whole weekend, while being an opportunity to meet with Medtronic themselves and talk ‘shop’, was filled with entertainment and laughter. Nothing can beat a bit of general silliness like the suggesting of telepathic bolusing or starting a terrorist organisation called the DiaRA (think IRA), who could kidnap famous people and give them a pancreatectomy so as to raise the profile of Type 1 diabetes (full memo and sign up sheet to follow). I was even able to convince the group to participate in a nice and cheesey American Blogger Style group hug. Feel the love.

The whole weekend was a great opportunity to see what Medtronic are made of and watch as an active participant how the relationship between Medtronic and some of the perhaps more demanding of their clientele can develop. I certainly hope that this is something which will be continued and will allow us to put type 1 diabetes in the limelight more and more.

Anna – Insulin Independent.http://www.insulinindependent.blogspot.com/

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