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Hi all,

Sorry its been quite a while since I last updated my Diabetes blog so thought it was about time to get a new one written 😊

A few years ago there seemed to be quite an influx of new Diabetes Blood Glucose Meters but I myself haven’t seen any new ones released over the past 6 months unless I have been missing something ? I currently switch between the Roche Accu-Chek Mobile and Ascensia Contour Next 2.4 which also links to my Minimed 640g Insulin Pump.

I know I am not the only one but my fingers take such a battering from the daily BG testing which I know cant be helped but I would love to be able to use a CGM especially like the Dexcom G6 but for me the cost is just too much – is it possible to get help with funding ? How accurate is the Dexcom G6 CGM compared to doing a normal BG test as surely there must be some kind of difference as a few years ago I tried the Abbott Libre CGM but found it was just not accurate enough for me.

The reason a CGM System interests me so much is that in August just before our family holiday I had a bit if a scare with my eyes and going back to about 15 years I had treatment for Retinopathy in both eyes with about 10,000 laser burns in each eye along with a Vitrectomy in both eyes. My right eye has complications to the central vision and night vision is very bad due to all of the laser treatment so during the winter months getting around is a pain to say the least. Sorry going back to my scare in August 😊 I had what I thought was a bleed in my left eye as I could see a slight shadow which was very scary so I called my local Diabetes Eye Dept to try and get in to see my Consultant but was told if I either need to go to Amersham Emergency Dept or make an appointment at my own clinic which could be months away, I kept pursuing this with no help at all from my local NHS Eye Hospital which was extremely upsetting. I explained the situation to my boss at work who is very understanding, and he suggested I called BUPA which I am a member of through work, they were extremely helpful and managed to get me a Private appointment at a BMI Clinic 2 days later with a Specialist Eye Consultant. The Consultant I saw was very nice and really did put my mind at rest as he said what had happened is when I had my Vitrectomy all those years ago there is sometimes a small piece of jelly stuck to the inside back of the eye which eventually detaches and dissolves and is nothing to worry about but until I had heard this it was a big worry. I went back twice and everything seems to be stable which is such a huge relief.

I am always worrying about my sight which drives me mad so having good blood sugar control is key which is why I think I would benefit from a CGM System.

We had been saving up for quite a long time to have a family holiday to Bulgaria in August last year which the children were really looking forward to and I thought I had everything covered in terms of my Diabetes equipment. The first day we were there I went in the sea with the children (Minimed 640g pump still on as its waterproof) and I got out the sea hearing a beeping OMG it was my pump. I really panicked as it had taken on water due to a small crack so I called the Emergency Number and was on hold for about an hour which was so frustrating, I then decided to post something on social media which did the trick, I received a call the next morning to be told a replacement was being sent direct to the hotel which arrived the next morning so very good service once someone had replied. Lesson learnt in that I need to take a holiday pump next time 😊

If you do have any suggestions on funding for CGM I really would appreciate the advice please ?

My BG levels are okay but it is so difficult to keep them level especially as we have three very excitable young children that can be quite stressful 😊

Thanks for reading 😊



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I just wanted to write a blog to say once again how impressed I was with the superb care and service I received from my local Specsavers.

As you may or may not already be aware I have had numerous problems with my eyes and ensure I have regular eye checks to make sure nothing is missed, for my Diabetes Care I attend my local Diabetes Clinic but prior to this was the Western Eye Hospital in London where I went for many years and had numerous procedures – this is my last blog Western Eye Clinic.

My family and I have been going to Specsavers for the past 8 years for our yearly eye check whereas I attend my local Hospital for looking at issues with my eye health and any related Diabetes damage like Retinopathy etc. The reason I chose Specsavers is that the service I have received from Maidenhead Store has been superb and they give a great range of tests not just interested in selling you a new pair of glasses.


This time my prescription had changed ever so slightly and I had the choice of either staying with my current glasses or going for a new pair, my current glasses were three years old so I opted for a new pair with reaction lenses. These took about 1 week to come in and I was extremely happy as always.

Just for reference the checks I have had usually entail the following :

  1. The Retinoscope


The optometrist may use an instrument called a retinoscope, which bounces a light beam off the back of your eye and back into the instrument. Different lenses focus the reflected light beam until it is steady, giving a close guide to the prescription you need.

The retinoscope is very accurate – it is used to test the sight of very small children, or people with communication difficulties who can’t easily describe how clearly they can see.

  1. The test chart


The optometrist fine-tunes his findings by asking you to read the test chart through different strength lenses. The results for one eye often vary from those for the other, so each eye will be tested individually before both eyes are finally tested together.

The optometrist flips different lenses in front of your eyes that change how clearly you can see. Depending on your answers, the optometrist changes the lenses until you have the clearest, most comfortable vision possible.

  1. Using the ophthalmoscope


The optometrist uses an ophthalmoscope to examine the retina at the back of the eye, including the blood vessels and the front of the optic nerve. This important test can detect changes which can indicate diseases such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

The optometrist darkens the room and sits quite close to you, while they shine a bright light into each eye in turn using the ophthalmoscope. The light may leave shadows on your vision, but these soon fade.

  1. The oxo box


You are also asked to focus on an oxo box, and say whether the illuminated lines are in line horizontally and vertically.

This indicates whether your eyes work well together – balanced and coordinated eyes are essential for clear comfortable vision.

  1. Testing your focus


The optometrist may test your ability to focus at varying distances to decide if you need different prescriptions for distance and reading.

After these tests you sit down with one of the Sales People to go through the findings and choose some glasses which for me was all okay, the only issue I have is sitting in front of a laptop all-day and having to strain to see the words clearly. We then looked at the digital images of the backs of my eyes which are incredible to see as I could see all the scarring from the laser treatment I have had going back about 7 or 8 years – all this laser also affects my night vision massively but nothing I can do about this.




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Hi all,

I thought it was about time to write a little blog about what’s been going on.

We had a great family holiday to Bulgaria this year with our three children who are growing fast as aged 8, 6 and 4 so keep us very busy lol. travelling abroad was great fun especially for the children and I had no issues whatsoever with my Diabetes whilst travelling – what I mean is airports were all fine with me wearing my pump and carrying an array of Diabetes products. I did take a letter from my DSN explaining what I was carrying but didn’t need to show it at all. We went to Bulgaria towards the end of August which meant it was still very hot so I tried my best to keep my BG levels under control especially with the children keeping us very active. I took a Frio Cool Bag which worked perfectly fine in the room as we didn’t have a fridge. The only slight problem I had was with the Abbott Libre Sensor and my Insulin Pump Cannula as because it was very hot and being in and out the sea or pool it meant they had a tendency to peel off which was very annoying especially for the Abbott Libre Sensor. All in all it was a great holiday enjoyed by us all 🙂

Having a young family and working full time does really affect my BG levels especially when I get home from work as the children seem to be very excited and I get a little bit stressed out to say the least – it means my BG levels drop rapidly so I need to find away to either chill out or keep my sugar level stable ?

I had a Diabetes Check Up a couple of months and I know my Hba1c was 7.4 as I seem to have lost track a little bit so need to sort myself out with the help of my DSN as seem to be running in double figures more often than not which is a real worry. I do find that during the week my blood sugar levels are fairly good apart from afternoons where I was about 7.0 before lunch then similar or slightly higher late afternoon. The problem I have and mentioned above is by the time I get home my blood sugars drop massively which could be down to the stress of three young children which can be quite stressful as soon as you get in, last night before leaving work (5.30pm) my BG reading was 8.5 but at 6.45pm it had dropped to 3.5 and took a while to get back up – I did panic and went mad so of course my levels then were up to 20.0 L. So I thought I would try some dried fruit before leaving work as I quite like it and it’s easy to keep in my drawer at work in a small tub – thinking dried mango, apricots mmmmmm.

Just thought I would share some great Diabetes Products with you and please let me know if you have seen anything new that I can add or may have missed :

Eversense – wow this certainly looks the part and such an exciting product that will hopefully be available to us soon, I do not not too much about the Eversense CGM so would really appreciate some comments on this if anyone knows when it may be available in the UK or Prices ?


My Insulin Pump Minimed 640g – working great and was so easy to get used to, it would be great though if the software for results could be synced to a Smartphone & Tablet App especially with all the technology we now have at our finger tips ? I am also hoping this same App technology could be integrated in to the Bayer Contour Next Link Meter which already works in harmony with the Minimed 640g Pump as so much faster and easier to look on a Smartphone or Tablet ?

Eye checks – currently I have been going to Specsavers which really do give a great service and a very in-depth eye test so if you were looking for a new Optician I would highly recommend, this seems to work well in conjunction with my Diabetes Check Up’s at the eye clinic.

Abbott Libre – I have tried this a few times now and the thought behind the device is amazing especially now the system works with a Smartphone App meaning you don’t need to carry a separate BG Meter. However for my results they do still seem to be quite a way off the typical finger test and when you are on a pump accuracy is key. I am as we speak giving it another go and I can certainly see this is the way forward and will become more accurate as the technology improves.

 Wavesense Jazz Wireless – Certainly a meter which is on my To try list so if you are using this meter please do share your thoughts as I would be really interested to know what you think ?


I am lucky that I get a chance to use these amazing products which are getting better by the year as the technology improves, here are a couple more of my favourites :

Roche Accu-Chek Mobile –

 AccuChek Mobile

Ascensia Contour Next Link 2.4  –

 Ascensia Contour

Glucomen Areo –

GlucoMen Aero

A1CNOW – this is something I have been waiting for a long time as certainly something that can give you a good indication on how well your longer term blood sugar levels are running at. Like most of us when I go to the Diabetes Clinic for my check-up I am always very anxious to know what my latest Hba1c result is but now there is a simple way to do this at home, introducing the A1CNOW Self Check from PTS Diagnostics. I ordered one of these to try and it was very easy to use as almost the same as testing you BG level. I followed the simple step by step instructions just to see what it thought my hba1c would be and surprisingly the result was pretty much spot on to what my hospital had told me. Only downside is the cost as you cant get this on the NHS but may be worth purchasing if you have big concerns with your hba1c levels.





What’s coming next – I do try to search for new products coming soon but can certainly miss them so I would be really grateful if you could please keep me posted on anything I may have missed that can benefit us all ?

Thanks so much for reading and please help me by commenting and sharing this post.


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Good morning all,

I hope we are all enjoying the summer lol, UK seems a little bit up and down as always J

Has anyone seen the New SugarBEAT CGM which looks like a rival to the Abbott Freestyle Libre System and my initial thoughts are what another amazing looking device for us ? I have tried the Abbott Fresstyle Libre system which is very clever but for me it didn’t give accurate enough results and I found myself having far more lows & highs but in fairness this could just have been me. The cost of the Libre Sensors is a little bit frustrating as they are about £50 each and last 14 days so cost is quite high compared to finger sticks which are available on prescription, they also give more accurate results.

I am hoping to be able to try the SugarBEAT once it is released in the UK to give it a proper try and then can see just how good it is compared to the Abbott Freestyle Libre – watch this space.


SugarBEAT                   Abbott Libre 1

There was also a New BG Meter System which I had spotted called the OneDrop Meter and the App is already available which you may or may not have used, it is certainly a smart looking device and the App seems very informative. Diabetes products are becoming so much more popular now to help us manage Diabetes – it is exciting times to see what is around the corner ?

OneDrop Meter

If you do know of any New Diabetes Products that I may not have seen then please do let us know and I will do my best to share with everyone ?

One last thing to mention, given all the coverage on Theresa May I had not realised that Theresa May has Type 1 Diabetes which for us in the UK can only be a good thing and it will be great to hear how Theresa manages her Diabetes given what a manic schedule she must have. Reading on the web it looks as though Theresa only developed Type 1 Diabetes in 2013 which is not very common at all as it usually develops when you are younger (No offence J).

Thanks for reading and I hope to be starting on my lovely New Medtronic Minimed 640G Insulin Pump in a few weeks so will keep you posted.



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Andrew Borrett March 19th 2016

So here we are again at the Western Eye clinic in Paddington today the 11th of February I left home at 7:30 a.m. and arrives on the Tube at the hospital at 8:40 a.m. which is really good.

As you can imagine with it be in Rush Hour that she has the train was absolutely jam packed define the sea and arrived safely so appointments is in about 40 minutes going in to see if I can get seen early I wish.

Just seen the nurse and vision similar the last time and had my retina scan and also photograph of both eyes. However she did say I have high pressure at the back of the eye which is a real worry,  we shall see what the Consultant thinks next.

So I just saw the consoles in and she checked my eyes which all looks fine the pressure in my eyes was perfectly ok it was the higher level of normal.

So Mr Lee who is the senior consultant he checked my eyes and said they’re pretty good Vision is good and has actually discharge me from the western eye hospital which means I’ll be referred to go to a local I specialist somewhere like some Mark to do the scanning and take the photographs which is great news.

The consultant will write to my local GP and then I should get a referral from a local eye screening service follow up appointment somewhere that specialises in people with diabetes that have had surgery in the past barbers in a standard eye clinic.

So hopefully this is my last visit to the Western Eye Hospital in London good news and bad news because I’ve been coming here such a long time and had such a good service so crazy so that my eyes are well.

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Hi as you may know my name is Andrew and this time I’m going to try something a bit different and create a a 7 day blog of my life living with type 1 Diabetes.

So please bear with me as this is all new to me and I’ll try not 2 make it to boring.

Here we go. 

Day 1 Monday – I woke up at 6 a.m. this morning and did my first blood test reading at 6:15 and surprisingly good news as it was 8.6 which is great. Breakfast consists of a cup of coffee this morning no other breakfast.

Mid morning at about 10:30 a.m. packet of crisps which is about 28 carbohydrates and a cup of coffee at the time my BG level was a bit high at 12.9 so then had 4.1 units of insulin just to get my blood sugar down.

Lunchtime at 12:30 p.m. I had yes I know another packet of Crisps, ham sandwich plus a small piece of fruit cake my blood sugar level was 11.3 and I’m just about to have 7.3 units of insulin. Carbohydrates were about 80.

Mid afternoon no snack but yes another cup of coffee.

Dinner time at 7:30 p.m. mash potatoes with a steak pie total and salad carbohydrates 100, insulin I had would have been 12.9 units my blood sugar was actually 13.4 so a little bit high.

So day one is finally coming to the end and time to go to bed and have an early night for a change, testing my blood sugar and it is currently 14.9 which is rather high I’ve had a normal meal so I will take an adjustment it could be that the cannula needs changing even though it’s not due to be changed for another day so I will see how I get on in the morning goodnight.

Day 2 Tuesday – up at 6 a.m. No breakfast this morning as I just don’t fancy anything, blood sugar level 5.6 so the adjustment I did in the night did the trick. Plus a cup of coffee is always.

Lunchtime at 12:30 p.m. Today I have had a cheese salad sandwich on brown bread with 1 packet of crisps and a piece of chocolate cake, blood glucose level today at lunch time was 5.8 carbohydrates I would estimate as being 80 carbohydrates.

Dinner time 7:45 p.m. I had sausages and mash with a lovely salad my hydrate will be 80 sugar level is 9.7, insulin dose is 9 units.

Bedtime for me it’s 10 p.m. Last blood test of the day and my blood sugar is 5.4 which to me seems rather low so I am just about to have two Jaffa Cakes which are about 20 carbohydrates in total so we shall see what my blood sugar level is like in the morning.

Day 3 Wednesday – woke up at 6 a.m. no breakfast this morning as it’s raining it’s dark and I need to get to work as soon as I can, checked my blood sugar level this morning which was 9.7 so I will probably have 1 unit of insulin just bring it down a little bit.

Mid morning 10:45 a.m. Blood sugar was 12.3 had a packet of crisps which were 25 carbohydrates, I had an extra 4 units of insulin to counteract my blood sugar and the Crisps.

Lunchtime 12. 15pm I had a cheese salad sandwich a packet of crisps and a peice of chocolate cake total carbohydrates 80, blood glucose level was 9.2 so my insulin dose was 7 units.

Dinner at 7.45 p.m. I had tuna pasta with cheese and a bowl of salad total carbohydrates 80, blood sugar level was 4.7 so and little bit low, insulin dose was 8.0 units.

Bed time again for me and blood sugar level before bed is actually 14.7 which is possibly because of a few sweets before dinner just to get my sugar to rise before dinner. No adjustment needed as I have 5 units of insulin on board at the moment as I had my insulin late as well, however we shall see first thing in the morning.

Day 4 Thursday and up again at 6 a.m. No breakfast for me just a cup of coffee, blood sugar level after the high before bed last night is 12.1.

Mid morning 10:30 no snacks for me today but I did have yet another cup of coffee.

Lunchtime 1. 00pm sandwich on brown bread plus a packet of crisps and also a cup of coffee blood sugar level 8.7, insulin dose for 6 units.

Dinner at 8 p.m. tonight with noodles chicken kiev and a lovely large bowl of salad, carbohydrates 60 and I had 6 units of insulin. Blood sugar level was 5.4 before dinner.

Bedtime at 10.45pm and blood sugar level 12.7.

During the night 4.50am I had a Hypo of 3.3 so ended up with eating 2 Jaffa Cakes plus some Haribo.

Day 5 Friday – woke up at 6.00am to a high of 15.4 after the Hypo during the night.

9:15 a.m. I had a break and my blood sugar was 9.2 i had two breakfast biscuits which were 30 carbohydrates and 2.8 units of insulin.

Mid morning 10.15am blood sugar was 12.3 had a packet of crisps 30 carbohydrates 3.25 units of insulin.

Lunchtime 1:15 p.m. I had a ham salad sandwich as always with 1 packet of crisps with a piece of cake total 85 carbohydrates my blood sugar level was 13.4 and I had 8 units of insulin.

Dinner time 8 p.m. I had a nice chicken curry with rice and a bowl of salad that came to 100 carbohydrates, blood sugar level was 8.2 and I had 11. 4 units of insulin.

Evening time I had 4 glasses of Jack Daniels and diet coke.

Bedtime at 12:15 a.m. testing my blood sugar which was 15.7 so I had one unit of insulin.

Day 6 Saturday – I woke up at 7 a.m. blood sugar was slightly higher 15.7 i had breakfast at 8 a.m. which was a lovely bacon sandwich cooked by my 6 year old son Jake. I had 6.5 units of insulin.

Lunchtime 1.00pm I had a ham salad sandwich with a lovely slice of cake. Blood sugar level was high at 17.0 possibly to be because my insulin pump cannula which I changed. I had 70 carbohydrates and 8.4 units of insulin.

Dinner time 6.00pm I had macaroni cheese that was 100 carbohydrates and my blood sugar was very low as it was 3.8. Insulin dose was 10 units but over 30 minutes.

Bedtime 12 a.m. I had 4 Jack Daniels and Diet Coke and my blood sugar was 12.7.

Day 7 Sunday – breakfast was two crumpets and a cup of coffee 40 carbohydrates. Blood glucose level 12.1 and had 6.6 units of insulin.

Lunchtime at 2.00pm out with the family to Whetherspoons mmmmm. All day brunch for me which was 2 fried eggs, 2 rashers of bacon, baked beans and chips with a pint of lager. Carbohydrates were about 70, blood glucose level was 11.0. Insulin dose 6.25 unis.

Dinnertime 8.00pm I was still full from lunchtime so no dinner for me but did have half a bag of Doritos 30 Carbohydrates and three Jack Daniels and Diet Cokes. Blood glucose level 10.7 and had 4.45 units of insulin.

Before bed 11.00pm I was 13.7 so then had 1 unit of insulin.

This is my first blog of living with Diabetes for a whole week I hope you find it interesting


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Hi, has anyone tried the Onetouch Select Plus yet – any other new BG Meters out there that I may have missed?
I have been looking at the iHealth Glucometers which look very good as well?

Onetouch Select Plus 

Great YouTube video below from Diabetes UK showing just how good the Onetouch Select Plus is :

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Hi all,

It was that time of the year where I have my yearly Diabetes Review Clinic and this year it was at Amersham Hospital which is a fairly large hospital and only about 10 miles from where I work. This appointment was slightly more exciting as I am now due for an Insulin Pump upgrade – yippee 🙂

So initial thoughts are which Insulin Pump do I choose from Roche, Omnipod, Medtronic or Animas – I am already using the Animas Vibe pump which has worked very well and the support has been great, saying that when I had a Medtronic Paradigm Pump the support was faultless. My initial thoughts are towards the new Medtronic Minimed 640G as I have been lucky enough to see it in the flesh so to speak – initial thoughts are wow, I am also trying to get CGM from my local PCT but as we all know in the UK this is virtually impossible. So with the research I have done I am looking at swapping over to the Medtronic 640G maybe with some sample CGM Sensors if I can speak nicely to the lovely people at Medtronic 🙂 

I have looked at the Roche Accu-Chek Insight – however the only slight issue I would have is the separate handset as I already end up carrying two phones, BG Meter (Dario) and of course my Animas Pump on my belt so if it wasn’t for that I would go with an Accu-Chek Insight as it really does look amazing.

Anyway – sorry about that lets get back to my original story J

Arrived at Amersham Hospital for 1.30pm which was my appointment time with the Consultant, Nurse and DSN (Diabetes Specialist Nurse) and was called in to see the Nurse first of all – the Nurse downloaded all my BG Results from my Animas pump using the Diasend Software and gizmo for downloading the results. Next was to check my blood pressure which was fine, then my feet which had good pulses and no issues.

Next was in to see the DSN and Diabetes Consultant who has seen me for many years now, looking at my bg results I did seem to be running quite a few double figures so will need to tweak my basal rates but as the DSN mentioned I do get a couple of CGM Sensors in the Medtronic Minimed 640g so will make it easier to get an overview of exactly what my blood sugar levels have been doing. At the moment I do not have any dates to get my new pump or see the DSN but I will keep you updated.

Finally before leaving Amersham for home I was off for my Blood Test which I received my results this morning and my Hba1c was 56mmol or 7.3 in old language – however Cholesterol was 5.9 so may need to go back on Statin, I was very pleased with the Hba1c result 🙂

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Good morning all,

Please do have a look at my Web site and please let me know if there are any great Diabetes Products which I may not be aware of?

Thanks for your help



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Insulin Pump Therapy Awareness Event

The event takes place in GLASGOW on Saturday the 19th September 2015, 10am – 1pm. The event address is: Marriott Hotel, 500 Argyle Street, Glasgow G3 8RR


Bayer Plc (Bayer House, Strawberry Hill, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 1JA) and Medtronic Ltd (9 Hatters Lane, Watford, Hertfordshire WD18 8WW) the organisers of this event, require you to share certain basic personal data with them. This is for the purpose of administrating this event and ensuring that any persons with, or with a vested interest in Type 1 diabetes are able to attend. By completing the following registration information you give consent for the declared personal information to be provided to Bayer plc and to Medtronic Ltd for this purpose.

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