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Wow what a long week last week was and we are still awaiting the arrival of our baby daughter who was due last Monday 24th January but still not here. Next week is when my wife has to go into Hospital to be Induced on Wednesday morning so we are a little nervous now. My son Jake is 17 months old and is now getting into everything (Little monkey) but i am sure his sister will sort him out when she arrives ha ha.

I find it really tiring cycling home after a long day at work and I know it’s only 4 miles but when you have been busy all day that’s all you need. The reason I cycle is that I have Retinopathy and have had lots of laser which affected my night vision, this means I am unable to see to drive at night. Fortunately I have a super bright Exposure MaXx-D Mk2 front light which is amazing. The fact that the light is directly in front of me helps me so much and of course I am not cycling fast, I am looking forward to the summer when I can use my little Scooter. I have also been trying to save to buy an electric cycle which look great and would mean I would not burn so many carbs as my BG is always low after getting home from work, they are however expensive.

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