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Hi all,

Over the past few years I have been comuting to and from work by cycle which is about 4 miles so not too bad, well apart from when it is raining – cold – windy in fact I hate it (only joking).


The one problem I have is my blood glucose levels plummet once iget to work or arrive home and I have tried numerous different products including dates and bananas which do definitely help. My problem is I am normally in a rush so prefer to pop something easy into my mouth and get going as soon as I can.

I am sure I am not the only person with Diabetes to have this issue and I have discovered jelly beans well Jelly Belly Beans which I must say do taste a little bit to nice as I struggle to put them down ha ha. A colleague of mine had read an article about people with Diabetes using jelly beans when running or swimming so I thought I would give it a try.

The great thing for me Is that each bean is approx 1g of carbohydrate and I tend to have between 10-15 beans before cycling which certainly does do the trick. What is do like is the fact they do not stay in my system for hours and hours but enough to cover my exercise which is usually about a 20 minute cycle. I have also tried Jelly Belly Sport Beans which do not taste quite so yummy but they do last far longer in your system and contain more carbohydrates per bean so better for longer bouts of exercise.

So down to my favourite flavours well all of them (Possibly not cinnamon). Cherry is so lovely, Top Banana is also a yummy bean and not forgetting Coconut.

Anyway I hope this has helped a little bit but if you have not tried Jelly Belly Beans before give them a try as they have helped me on more than one occasion but moderation is the key mmmmm.

Take care.




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