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This week has been full of fun as my children are growing fast and becoming real little monkeys 😃.

During the week I am of course at work and I do look forward to the weekends which go so quickly, the children certainly test my patience and my BG levels tend to run low especially with all the running around with the kids. We had the family over last Sunday for lunch which was really great and we all had a great day especially the children who did plenty of painting and running around.

Have any of you seen or used the iCare Advanced BG Meter whic I seem to keep coming across – I have one to try so will keep you posted.


As you may have already read in my previous Blog I commute by cycle to work which is not great in the wet but does keep me fit, I have been having a fair few low BG’s recently when I return home so find myself dipping into my stash of Haribo’s which I know are not ideal but do taste yummy. I have now tried eating a banana before I leave work and this has certainly helped but is there anything else that I could eat or even drink which would work as well ? My cycle is only 20 minutes so not that long and I was considering some of the specialist energy drinks supplied by cycle companies but have never tried them ?

Last night I cycled home after eating a banana and tested my BG level which was 7.0 so I had a couple of Jaffa cakes to last me until dinner which was all fine, I tested again before bed with a BG of 10.0 so good so far but then woke at 4.00am with a BG of 2.9 – all very confusing and quite scary ?

My lowest BG level this week was 2.3 during the night which was a little scary but luckily for me I always wake, the other downside is when I wake in the morning to a BG level of 14.0

I would love to hear of any Diabetes stories you may have to share and I would be more than happy to post on my site ?

Thanks again.



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Hi all,

I trust you all had a good Christmas and a Happy New Year ?

This year I am going to try and creat a regular blog on whats been going on during the week with regards to my Diabetes, Highs & Lows, exercise and if I have discovered any new interesting Diabetes products.

If would also be a great help to both myself and all our fellow Diabetes friends if you could please let me know of any new products or even if you have your own blog which you would like me to share ?

This week has been extremely wet as we have like many others had bad floods especially in our village, as some of you may already know that I cycle to and from work which is only about 4 miles but not great in the wet or dark, I have super powerful front lights due to my poor night vision which certainly help as without them I would have big problems.


I have been working hard this week and of course cycling which has been playing havoc with my BG levels as it could be 10.0 before I leave work but then drops to 4.0 before I get home, so any suggestions on what I could easily snack on before leaving work – my commute is only 4 miles. I have a very heavy mountain style bike so it’s very heavy so off to the cycle shop today to see what else is available providing Marlow isn’t still flooded.


I have also had quite a few lows during the night and been waking up in a panic when my BG has been 3.0 which is really quite scary as you know, Haribo’s are always close by though :-).

This week I have been sent an iCare Advanced BG Meter () which I hope to review soon.

I am sure there will be some exciting products released this year for us from the Diabetes companies such as Medtronic, Roche, Bayer, Glucomen, Animas and even Dario – so watch this space.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to share this blog.


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Hi all,

So Christmas is just around the corner and I can honestly say my young children are very excited.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you all so much for the support over the past 12 months, I am looking forward very much to see what 2014 brings us.

Have a super Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Kindest regards



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Glucolog Lite

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Medtronic Special Offer – please click “here” for further details on this amazing offer.

The MiniMed® VeoTM is now the ONLY system clinically proven to significantly reduce hypoglycaemic events: The evidence-


Two studies assessed the effect of Sensor Augmented Pump therapy (SAP) vs. SAP therapy with Low Glucose Suspend.


· 32% reduction in night time hypos1
· 38% less severity and duration of night time hypos1
· 40% less values in the hypo range at night1
· 0 severe hypos2

Conclusion: If we are going to one day close the loop we need to help more people with type 1 diabetes to gain access to Sensor Augmented Pump’s with automated suspend features.

Thanks again for reading.

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So I arrived in London fairly early this morning after catching the 7.30am train into Paddington for my yearly Diabetes check up at the Western Eye Hospital in London which is always a nervous time. The journey was pretty good but the train in rush hour gets so busy and is certainly expensive – certainly not something I would want to do on a regular basis unless I was getting paid lots of money 😃.

My appointment was for 9.30am and I arrived at the hospital at about 9.00am hoping I would get seen quickly which is not usually the case but we live in hope, so arrived to quite a few people already waiting and took my seat as usual.

So I was sitting waiting patiently listening to some tunes on my Samsung Galaxy and starting to get bored already and after about 20 minutes I got called by the nurse who checks your vision plus the pressure in my eyes – the vision was the same as before but the pressure was slightly higher but nothing to be concerned about.

The nurse then puts in the dilating drops and anaesthetic drops ready for photos to be taken at the back of the eye for the consultant which sting like hell. Back to my seat to wait for the drops to start working for about another 20 minutes and I was then called to have the photos took which only takes a few minutes, again take a seat Mr Borrett.

Finally after another 30 minutes I was called by a consultant who looked about 15 years old and also joined by two other students training to be optometrists which by now I am used to and if it helps them learn it’s not a problem.

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There is some amazing technology available now for people living with Diabetes which is great news for all of us as this technology has certainly helped me maintain my BG levels using devices such as Insulin Pumps, Smart BG meters to even apps such as Carbs & Cals.

I think we are all now waiting for the first flood of smart Insulin Pumps to arrive which should be smaller than before with even more technology to assist us, we have still not seen much from Cellnovo but their Insulin Pump certainly looked incredible, I am sure the big players will be releasing some amazing technology this year or if not very soon.

On this note has anyone seen the new Dario BG meter as this is certainly a device I would like to try


I am watching closely to see what new meters get release this year if any and would really welcome your feedback just in case I miss something.

At the moment I am using a Accu-Check Mobile meter which I do find very compact as everything is contained in the one device, all wrapped up in a very snug case. I do also like the Bayer Contour Next USB meter which is tiny however as with most meter companies the case is huge – can’t the meter cases actually be made smaller so they are more discreet to fit in your pocket ?

Has anyone used/using or seen the incredible looking Insujet from Sprit Healthcare which is a device that can be used to administer insulin without a needle. The insulin is fired at high pressure through a small aperture, which creates a high speed jet that can penetrate the skin and underlying tissue. The pressure is generated by a powerful spring which is optimized for subcutaneous insulin delivery. Oh my god was what I was thinking as I still remember when I was very young having a huge stainless steel syringe with needles that needed to be reused and sterilised, so this Insujet device really does sound very interesting and I can’t wait to give it a try.


Finally, where are we in regards to new Insulin Pumps and what have you heard as surely there must be some new smart Insulin Pumps on the horizon, I myself haven’t heard much about the new smaller Omnipod which again looks great for a patch pump (I have never tried a patch pump) and I have email the company a few times to get some info on my Blog and web site www.mypump.co.uk however not heard anything back.

Thanks again for looking.




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For those of you who didn’t know already my wife has been pregnant for the past 9 months so our home life has been turbulent to say the least.

We already have a son who is almost 4 years old and a daughter aged 2 1/2 so life is chaos as you can imagine which plays havoc with my bg levels.

Anyway my baby daughter finally made an appearance 10 days late on Monday 8th July at 11.29pm and weighed a tad over 10lbs (wow). Everything went well with the birth which was also fairly quick at about 5 hours in actual labour.

We have decided to call our daughter Elise.

Yes the sleepless nights are certainly common at the moment but certainly worth it.

Thanks for reading.


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So that dreaded day we always wait for finally arrived last week – yeah you guessed it was my Hba1c results!

I must say I really do try to be as careful as I can be with my blood sugar levels but even with an Insulin Pump it is still a constant battle – would a CGM improve this, well I think yes it would? The only problem with CGM is the cost which can be around £250 per month just for the sensors which is way out of my budget.

Anyway, I had my blood test a couple of weeks ago and have been eagerly awaiting my hba1c results which finally arrived – this year they were 7.5 which I must say is pretty damm good.

I am still a great believer that Diabetes technology has helped these results whether it’s test strip technology or just the BG Meter I use – thanks to all the Diabetes companies out there and who knows what’s next.

Thanks again for reading.

Andrew http://www.mypump.co.uk

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Firstly thanks for reading and please do let me know if you have any interesting Blogs that can be shared with the Diabetes community.

Is it just me or does anyone else find that your BG level is almost spot on at say 7.2, you have your dinner which is something like Cottage Pie (Mmm yummy my favourite) with some vegetables I then estimate the carbs to be about 70g then wake up in the morning to a BG of 14 ?

Could this be to do with the food being high GI or Low GI more than me just getting the carb ratio wrong, it is so frustrating as I am sure you all know as I do my very best to keep my sugar levels on an even keel ?

Through the day as I have similar foods most days ie Porridge for breakfast, Apple mid morning and a sandwich at lunchtime I find my BG level at lunchtime is almost always spot on before my lunch at approx 6.2. The main problem is in the evening or before bed when things tend to go a bit haywire, obviously my foods can vary enormously from rice, pasta to fries or even my yummy Cottage Pie.

So correction dose given this morning on my Animas Vibe pump so by the time I get to work everything should be back on track and we start the day again.

I personally have always used Hypostop gel or GlucoTabs, GlucoJuice and especially like the new HypoWallet which is a great idea however are there any other options for us in an easy to carry packet – let me know please ?


Also for those of you out there who haven’t already had a look its certainly worth checking out Medtronic’s new UK web site


Thanks for reading and I look forward to reading your comments or tips.


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