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For those of you who didn’t know already my wife has been pregnant for the past 9 months so our home life has been turbulent to say the least.

We already have a son who is almost 4 years old and a daughter aged 2 1/2 so life is chaos as you can imagine which plays havoc with my bg levels.

Anyway my baby daughter finally made an appearance 10 days late on Monday 8th July at 11.29pm and weighed a tad over 10lbs (wow). Everything went well with the birth which was also fairly quick at about 5 hours in actual labour.

We have decided to call our daughter Elise.

Yes the sleepless nights are certainly common at the moment but certainly worth it.

Thanks for reading.



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So much for me and my family has happened over the last 3 years it is just incredible to look back on as in the past 3 years my wife and I have had two children – my son Jake who is 3 and my daughter Amy who has just reached her second birthday BLESS. we also had some more good news just before Christmas that my wife Gill is expecting yet another baby which will be due the end of June this year OH MY GOD !! We have already had the 20 week scan, well I say we but what I mean Gill has had her 20 week scan and everything was ok with our baby DAUGHTER so watch our Jake.

Since I have been Diabetic which is just over 40 years now so basically has been all my life the technology which has become available to us is absolutely incredible, I would never have thought when I was young that I would have a small electronic insulin pump attached to me which meant no more injections which is great. I am really looking forward to when I can actually get funding for a CGM to wear with my pump as I have tried both the Animas CGM and the Medtronic CGM of which both are very good but just not financially possible for me to buy the CGM sensors.

I currently wear an Animas Vibe pump and have found it great, as with all technology it has its ups and downs but on the whole it is very good especially as I make an effort to give it accurate information about my BG level and carb count, this is easier said than done.

I certainly do not look back deciding to take the plunge of going on to an insulin pump, I am also very excited to see what is going to be released in 2013 so if you have heard any whispers of new pumps or even new bg meters then please do tell ?

There is so many new products out there now to assist us living with Diabetes that I am sure we all tend to miss some products or services so if you have anything that could be of help to us then please drop me an email so I can add to my web site www.mypump.co.uk.

One last question, has anyone actually started to use the new smaller Omnipod and if so please can you share your thoughts – I have emailed the team at Omnipod but never had any response which certainly does put me off however I am interested in hearing from anyone that actually wears the device as it looks very interesting indeed ?


Thanks for listening and please drop me a message even if it is just to say hi ?



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iCandy Stroller

My wife and I have been so lucky in purchasing a gorgeous iCandy Pear Stroller for our 18 month old son Jake and our 5 week old daughter Amy. We were so happy with the quality of our stroller and the superb customer service the we were given from iCandy and thought it was only fair we share this information.

To see more product information on the Pear and other iCandy products visit: http://www.icandyworld.com

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My new baby.


Well what a hectic few days we have had !

My wife gave birth to my beautiful daughter Amy on Sunday 6th February 6.16am weighing 8lb 31/2oz both mother and daughter are doing fine. They were released from Hospital Tuesday evening after being in hospital since Friday morning. It was lovely to have them home.

This experience has played havoc with my Blood Sugar as I am sure you can imagine – it has been both high and low due to mainly stress. My Blood Sugar now seems to be back on track which is also a relief. I have also been trying dried Dates as a sugar boost and much to my surprise they work great – each date is approx 5 carbs and they seem to work fairly fast – thanks Annette for the idea.

Please feel free to comment and don’t forget to check out http://www.mypump.co.uk.

Andrew Borrett

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