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Thanks to Sue at Desang Kit Bags for this update.

This is a brief email to alert you to the new accessibility to the FreeStyle InsuLinx meter from Abbott. When originally launched, you could only get one directly from your diabetes nurse as it needs to be programmed around your own personal treatment programme. An access code was required to put this information in which HCPs had access to. However, now the meters are available direct from Abbott.


The FreeStyle InsuLinx meter comes in a ‘pre-easy’ mode so you can use all the main tools. The code is only needed if and when you want to turn on the bolus Calculator tool, and the code can be given by your HCP at their discretion.

You can add your own image into the phone as well as add various other personalized settings. It’s PC and Mac-compatible and comes with FreeStyle Auto-Assist software. The meter’s touch screen is icon-driven, so you press the relevant icon to get into that part of the set-up. There’s only one button, which acts as the home button, just like a mobile phone.


To find out more, click on a pic, or go to

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