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Please find below a very useful informative mail shot I received from the team at Bayer Diabetes Care

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We are writing to remind you of changes in standards introduced by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), which mean that people with Type 1 diabetes can now be considered for a licence to drive lorries and buses.

The DVLA has removed the ban for people on insulin driving these kinds of (Group 2) vehicles, providing they undergo an individual medical assessment to prove they are fit to drive vehicles in this category.

In Northern Ireland the same change is likely to happen this year.

It’s a welcome change, but it does mean that you need to be well prepared before you can get going.

People wishing to drive larger vehicles will need to demonstrate:
That they have not had a severe hypoglycaemic event in the last 12 months
That they have full hypoglycaemic awareness
That they have an understanding of hypoglycaemia
That they have control of their diabetes by regular blood glucose monitoring at least twice daily and at times relevant to driving
That they have a fast acting carbohydrate in the vehicle at all times when driving

You will need to have used a blood glucose meter with a memory function to measure and record your blood glucose for at least three months prior to submitting your application.

Equally, there have also been recent changes which affect assessment criteria for people applying for a licence to drive cars and motorbikes.

All the details, including the D2 application form, can be found on the Department for Transport’s DVLA web pages. www.dft.gov.uk/dvla/medical

It sounds quite onerous, but in fact providing you are well organised it doesn’t mean you need to feel restricted or be limited in what you can do. The key is to make the most of all the tools you have at your disposal, and be totally consistent and regular in your testing and monitoring routine.

So how can we help?
Using Bayer’s CONTOUR® USB meter will enable you to test, monitor and upload all the regular reports you will need to demonstrate your fitness to drive.
Use your CONTOUR USB meter with our GLUCOFACTS® DELUXE diabetes management software to analyse your reports, modify your routine and better manage your diabetes. Doing this routinely should help you understand what affects your blood glucose and so help you avoid hypoglycaemic episodes – and of course the records you keep will be able to demonstrate this.
Your CONTOUR USB has the memory function you need, and you will easily be able to store and download your last three-month results using our software.
Remember too that using our new My Reports feature on our website, you will be able to check your results and look at your reports any time, anywhere, from your smart phone or tablet.

All the information on the new standards are on the DVLA’s website, and if you would like more help on how to make the most of your glucose meter and monitoring equipment, just log onto www.bayerdiabetes.co.uk.

You will also find useful information on driving and diabetes at www.diabetes.org.uk. Remember to contact your diabetes healthcare professional if you have any questions about your diabetes management.

Please do check the bayerdiabetes.co.uk website, and if you would like to ask any specific questions regarding our diabetes products, please get in touch with us!

Ros Barker
Bayer HealthCare


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